Calgary Community Orchestra



The Calgary Community Orchestra was founded in 2015 by Carlos Foggin with the mandate of providing an opportunity for members of the community, professional and amateur alike, to meet occassionally for socializing and the playing of orchestral repertoire.  The emphasis is on experience, fun, and collegiality. Music for the reading sessions is chosen well in advance. 


As musicians, we often neglect to socialize with our musical colleagues.  To that end, we have a potluck meal after each reading session.  A minimal fee is collected to cover the costs of a hot meat item and a glass of vino.  Members often stay late, visiting and sharing musical 'war stories' into the evening hours.


The Orchestra currently meets once per month. The dates are indicated above.  We play from 4-6pm at St. Dennis Church (4718 Worcester Drive SW) with a potluck dinner to follow.


Membership is free, and open to all.  While many of our members play at an advanced to professional level,  there is room for everyone.  After all, how else do we gain experience?