• Carlos Foggin conducted the orchestra with clarity and a sense of style, making the rhythmic transitions from number to number in a secure, musical manner. [They were]...fully up to snuff.

- KD, Calgary Herald

  • Carlos is keenly sensitive to the musical implications of each score, and has a clear sound in his mind, which he insists on from players. His vision is broad, grand and confident; his conscious and unconscious body language conveys easily discernible musical meaning.


  • Carlos brings excellent musical interpretation as well as a thorough knowledge of the score to rehearsal and performance. He is fantastic at drawing the audience into a shared experience with the orchestra. You won’t feel like you observed the concert, but rather were an important part of it, which is how it is supposed to be!

- JB

  • Carlos is a pleasure to work with, bringing energy and enthusiasm to everything he does. He is respectful and is not only able to take constructive criticism well but actively seeks it out in his pursuit of excellence as a musician. 

- GJ