Music Director of the Rocky Mountain Symphony Orchestra, Carlos' artistic leadership has been described as keenly sensitive, grand and confident, and breathtakingly musical.  While not foreign to wind and choral idioms, he now works primarily with Orchestra and Opera, and enjoys multidisciplinary productions combining actors, film, electronics, ballet and opera.  

Having studied primarily as a pianist in his youth, Carlos now performs as a soloist and recital partner on both the piano and organ. He also consults for and volunteers with a variety of not-for-profit societies both in Calgary and throughout the province. Inter-arts collaboration is a prime focus for his artistic practice.  He has premiered a number of large-scale works.


Premieres conducted

  • Ballet "Dance of the Three Empires" (2017) by Claude Lapalme
  • Opera "General Mi and the Pastry Chef" (2017) by Yang Guang
    • Singers, Orchestra, GuZheng & Electronics
  • Zenkora Universe (2017) by Wesley Chu
    • Light the Way
    • Playing with Fire
    • Flower Club Fantasy (Ballet)
    • The Last Pioneer (Orchestra & Electronics)
    • Betrayal (Stage Play with Orchestra)
    • A Reason UnEarthly
    • Spectrum of Glory
  • Gods of Olympus (2016) by Kevin J. Ponte
  • Opera "Annie Davison" (2015) by Arthur Bachmann
Carlos Foggin conducted the orchestra with clarity and a sense of style, making the rhythmic transitions from number to number in a secure, musical manner. [They were]...fully up to snuff.
— Ken Delong - Calgary Herald Sept 25, 2015

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