Beauty above all else

Carlos Foggin is the Music Director of the Rocky Mountain Symphony Orchestra.  The RMSO has a mandate to play polished performances of Orchestral Music in the outlying areas surrounding the city of Calgary. The RMSO collaborates with local and national solo artists to promote excellence in the arts, while remaining accessible to concertgoers both in terms of affordability, and geography.

Whether conducting, as a piano or organ soloist, or in collaboration, Carlos' sound is unmistakable.  A pursuit of musical excellence (rather than a pursuit of technical correctness) governs the sound. Full of passion and energy, the sound is resonant and rich. His performances are consistently lauded for their musicality and sensitivity. 

Carlos is fantastic at drawing the audience into a shared experience with the orchestra. You won’t feel like you observed the concert, but rather were an important part of it, which is how it is supposed to be!
— Professor James Bicigo - Yamaha Artist & Master Teacher

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